[Marxism] Black Nationalism / BPP / etc.

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sat Nov 6 19:25:22 MST 2004

African Americans in general--not just the "black Marxists" of this
day--might have something to say on the matter--not just whether or not
we are discussing a "nation" but what that label means (which is the
essential point).  I wouldn't be surprised if their understanding is
very divergent and complex. 

More importantly, the matter is of great importance to Anglos, Hispanics
and Native peoples for all the reasons to which Fred Feldman just
alluded.  The fact that what happens in this country may have some
importance elsewhere gives the matter of some world historic importance
as well.  

What is "flippant" is to disparage the discussions essential if we are
to reach an understanding of what's involved.  It seems to me to be a
trivialization of a very vital question.

Mark L.

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