[Marxism] Cockburn on the elections

g.maclennan at qut.edu.au g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Sat Nov 6 21:22:14 MST 2004

Read this Lou and thanks for continually bringing 
CounterPunch articles to our attention.  

UI still have a soft spot for Michael Moore though he got 
lost in these elections.

But what can we make of this Lou?

"If the Democrats had wanted to identify a serious saboteur 
of their chances they should have homed in on Mayor Gavin 
Newsom of San Francisco whose okay to gay marriage saw all 
those same sex couples on the steps of City Hall embracing, 
on every front page and nightly news in America. Ohio had its 
proposition banning gay marriage and the drive to put it on 
the ballot and push it to victory brought the Christians out 
in their hundreds of thousands, marching to the polls across 
the rubble of their state's economy."

(Cockburn, Counterpunch Nov6/7 2004)

Words almost fail me here.  Yet I should immune by now to the 
treachery of many left heteros on gay issues. Why do 
straights find it so easy to blame the victim when the victim 
is a "fag".  I doubt if they would say the same things about 
any other minority.



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