[Marxism] Cockburn on the elections

Steven L. Robinson srobin21 at comcast.net
Sat Nov 6 18:57:48 MST 2004

  Not to excuse it, but actually, Cockburn appears to be picking up an idea
that is very common in Democrat Official circles here on the West Coast
right now, Boxer and Feinstein have voiced such opinions, as have others
lower down  in the hierarchy. Newsom's political ambitions may well be
permanently clipped as a result.  Democrat officialdom does not seem to
recognise loyal supporters when it sees them, but without Nader to
scapegoat, they have to blame someone ... Steve
> "If the Democrats had wanted to identify a serious saboteur
> of their chances they should have homed in on Mayor Gavin
> Newsom of San Francisco whose okay to gay marriage saw all
> those same sex couples on the steps of City Hall embracing,
> on every front page and nightly news in America. Ohio had its
> proposition banning gay marriage and the drive to put it on
> the ballot and push it to victory brought the Christians out
> in their hundreds of thousands, marching to the polls across
> the rubble of their state's economy."
> (Cockburn, Counterpunch Nov6/7 2004)
> Words almost fail me here.  Yet I should immune by now to the
> treachery of many left heteros on gay issues. Why do
> straights find it so easy to blame the victim when the victim
> is a "fag".  I doubt if they would say the same things about
> any other minority.
> regards
> Gary
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