[Marxism] Cockburn on the elections

Charlie Parks jcparks5550 at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 6 22:02:33 MST 2004

I have to say, Cockburn's implicit position on the Dems and gay marriage 
marks the same kind of ideological retreat he accuses the Dems of 
perpetrating; he mockingly (and correctly) suggests that they will claim 
that the outcome of this election demonstrates the need to move further to 
right on economic and foreign policy, only to suggest that they ought to do 
so on the issue of gay marriage. It's one thing for him to jokingly argue 
that the gay movement for marriage rights is a "sidestep on freedom's 
path"(i.e.why should they fight for the ol' ball and chain?) as he did in 
one of his Nation columns, quite another to blame the Dems' association with 
gay marriage (quite undeserved since so many prominent Democrats remain as 
reactionary as the Republicans on the matter) for their election debacle. 

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