[Marxism] Re: Reply to a couple of points by David

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Sat Nov 6 23:51:48 MST 2004

Lou Paulsen:
>>If a revolutionary party ran into a question about nuclear power ...
and it had a few hundred or a thousand comrades who were experts on
nuclear engineering ... and they studied the question and came back with
an unambiguous answer, any party, not composed of lunatics, would thank
them for their work, and be grateful for their good fortune that they
had knowledgeable comrades who could settle the problem.<<

Perhaps I'm a lunatic, but let's consider... Here in Australia, there is
a left party called Socialist Alliance. It has an Iraqi component, the
Workers’ Community Party of Iraq. The WCP-I has “a few hundred or a few
thousands” of Marxists who are experts on Iraq (most of them live there)
and who have studied the question of which way forward in Iraq today.
Should the Socialist Alliance “be grateful for their good fortune they
had knowledgeable comrades who could settle the problem”? The only
problem is that the Alliance would have to declare itself opposed to the
main Iraqi resistance against imperialism.

Meanwhile, in the case you’re addressing, we have two groups of experts
–  the unidentified black Marxists you choose to agree with, and the
CPUSA blacks you choose to disagree with. Why is it “colonialist” to
disagree with the former, but perfectly OK to dismiss the latter?

At the end of the day, we can’t rely on experts; we have to think for

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