[Marxism] Re: Adios, Marxmail-niggardly

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sun Nov 7 08:12:20 MST 2004

DOQ wrote; "are you naive enough to think that there is NO
resemblance/connection between the word 'nigger' and 'niggardly'? If the
word was nigg*e*rly would you then see the resemblance?"

Yes, there is absolutely no connection.  The association is nothing but
a superficial similarity lacking any substance.

The online etymological dictionary defines "niggard" as: 
1366, nygart, of uncertain origin. The suffix suggests Fr. origin (cf.
dastard), but the root word is probably related to Old Norse hnøggr
"stingy," from Proto-Germanic *khnauwjaz; and to Old English hneaw
"stingy, niggardly," which did not survive in Middle English.

Liberals in academe has spared no effort to reduce social conflict into
a public relations crusade on behalf of "politically correct" goodspeak.
Radicals desperately need to get beyond the superficial and focus on the
substance of meaning behind words.

This point typifies the discussion about "nation."  We speak to cross
purposes if we get wrapped up in the word to the detriment of what we
actually mean by it.

Mark L.

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