[Marxism] Do we look to the working class...

paul bunyan cutemdown2003 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 7 12:37:50 MST 2004

Eli Stephens <elishastephens at hotmail.com> wrote:Mark wrote:

>persuaded that Bush was "evil" enough to abandon their principles and vote 
>for Kerry. And personally, I believe that 4 of those 5 reached that decision 
>on their own, without the pressures of Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, >Norman Solomon, et al. Were all those people simply imagining something >about the nature of the Bush administration? Or is there a "there" there?

I've said this before, but it needs saying again. There is a difference between Democratic party politicians and those who vote for the Dems. People who supported Kerry, who did so out of fear of Bush (yes, he is scary), are for the most part decent people (no apologies for those of you who hate subjectivism) who want some of the same things those of us on this list want....a society where no one is involuntarily homeless or unemployed, without health care, and no ones rights are abridged because of race, gender, or sexual preferences. Yes, trusting the Dems is a self defeating illusion, that has to be broken with. We argue with these people differently than with those who get a perverse pleasure out of human sufferring (conservatives). The people who supported Kerry, however reluctantly, are the same people who those of us of the revolutionary left are going to need as allies in the upcoming battles ahead. Some will see the need to adopt a revolutionary perspective, others won't.

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