[Marxism] Re: Adios, Marxmail-niggardly

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Mon Nov 8 06:22:54 MST 2004

I'll invest one more short comment in a discussion that started silly
and gotten sillier....

DOQ wrote: "What I'm reading from the internet is that the words
"nigger" and 'niggardly' have different roots. . . . Neverthless, I find
it just a tad strange that you'd be so dismissive of significance in the
similarities of the terms in terms of the effects they may project,
despite the different orgin of the words?"

It's precisely because I'm not dismissive of the effect it may produce
that I don't use the word "niggardly" in conversation--and I'm not the
one who injected it here.  

What I have been dismissive of is your introduction of the word as an
example of how racism is imbedded in language (apparently an example you
drew from a sociology text).  You now understand the word had an
independent development and meaning but persist in asserting that my
having pointed this out makes my position "a tad strange" rather than
that of the source that misinformed you.  

I point out the political stupification of academic faddism and the
subject suddenly becomes me and my motives. 

In response to my complaint that liberal academe tends to reduce social
conflict to word wars, DOQ asked: "Is it politcally 'incorrect' in your
mind to consider the historical role used by language to
justify/reinforce political oppression?"  

Once again, I point out the political stupification of academic faddism
only to find the subject once more thrown back on me and my motives. 

The subject itself would be as silly as the Monty Python skit about the
guy who spelled his name "Luxury Yacht" but insisted on pronouncing it
"Throat-Warbler Mangrove."  The only thing that approximates "Marxism"
about it is the fact that anyone pointing out the inconsistency is
liable to find themselves and their motives for doing so
questioned....but I suppose that, on another lever, it makes it even

In any event, I'm done with it....

Mark L.

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