[Marxism] Zionism and pubic hair

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Mon Nov 8 14:35:54 MST 2004

(Articles from the latest Bad Subjects, an internet publication 
published and edited by some of the most advanced postmodernist/leftist 
professors in America.)

Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism: A Response to Judith Butler
Rebeca Siegel
A large part of the academic left aids and abets, promotes and develops 
Judeophobic discourse. Both in the spirit of dissent and reflection that 
any pluralistic society owes itself, especially from left-wing 
intellectuals, it is imperative that progressive academics who deplore 
racism or gender discrimination fight for our discursive spaces within 
the left by repudiating Judeophobia, the only locus where the left and 
the right consistently coincide.


Open Issue Notes on Nudity and Pubic Hair
Zack Furness
Between sips of cheap booze, I was eventually able to pinpoint one of my 
central concerns regarding sexuality in the 21st century; an unchecked 
social trend that had manifested itself in front of me and demanded 
dollar bills. This trend...this dilemma...this unspeakable social 
problem...is that of shaved pubic hair.



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