[Marxism] "We're all Israelis Now"

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Mon Nov 8 15:41:22 MST 2004

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lnp3 at panix.com writes:
To put it bluntly, Americans have chosen to return a man to the 
White House who has supervised the killing of more civilians than 
Slobodan Milosevic.

In an otherwise great piece, this stood out. As I write, the International 
Court at the Hague has uncovered no evidence that Milosevic either ordered or 
sanctioned the killing of civilians by Serbian troops.  I'm disappointed that 
you seem to have fallen for the demonisation game played so well by NATO in 
their policy of systematically breaking up a sovereign state for the purposes of 
the same neoliberal agenda we see unfolding today in Iraq.

Milosevic, at least, was the legitimately elected leader of his country. The 
real crime for which he's being tried was trying to prevent the breakup of his 
country by European and US imperialists.


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