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Report from Iraq: The Battle for Fallujah 
By Frontlines correspondents and Agencies

The US occupation forces unleashed the so-called
"Phantom Fury" operation, a full scale offensive
by 20,000 US forces / Iraqi National Guard
against an estimated 1,500 guerrilla fighters
holed up in Fallujah.

US forces have struck a railway station inside
Fallujah with small arms and tank machinegun fire
as fighting raged in the besieged Iraqi city.

US warplanes staged ferocious strikes on targets
in Fallujah after interim Iraqi Prime Minister
Iyad Allawi gave US-led forces the go-ahead for a
full-scale attack on the city on Monday
afternoon. Sources close to the White House
admitted today that President Bush gave personal
authorization to launch the assault immediately
after the results of the Presidential Election
were made public.   
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Mega-gas deal between Beijing and Tehran worth
$100 billion.

TEHRAN - Speaking of business as unusual. A mere
two months ago, the news of a China-Kazakhstan
pipeline agreement, worth US$3.5 billion, raised
some eyebrows in the world press, some hinting
that China's economic foreign policy may be on
the verge of a new leap forward.

A clue to the fact that such anticipation may
have totally understated the case was last week's
signing of a mega-gas deal between Beijing and
Tehran worth $100 billion. Billed as the "deal of
century" by various commentators, this agreement
is likely to increase by another $50 billion to
$100 billion, bringing the total close to $200
billion, when a similar oil agreement, currently
being negotiated, is inked not too far from now. 
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Martial Law in Iraq: Carnage swells all-over the
country as US prepares assault on Fallujah 
  Pakistan Times Foreign Desk Report

BAGHDAD (Iraq): With mayhem swelling at a swift
pace, authorities in Iraq declared a 60-day state
of emergency all-over the country Sunday,
including Martial Law, paving the way for an
intense assault on the guerrilla sanctuary

An update from the volatile capital of Iraq says
that militants dramatically escalated attacks,
killing another 35 people, who include two

American troops began final preparations for
battle in Fallujah as commanders warned them to
expect the most brutal urban fighting since the
Vietnam War. The U.S. command announced it had
sealed off Fallujah and was "finishing final
preparations for an assault" on the city.  
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US Christian Fundamentalist soldiers preparing to
battle the infidels in Fallujah 
Holy War: Evangelical Marines Prepare to Battle

NEAR FALLUJAH - With US forces massing outside
Fallujah, 35 marines swayed to Christian rock
music and asked Jesus Christ to protect them in
what could be the biggest battle since American
troops invaded Iraq last year. 

The marines drew parallels from the verse with
their present situation, where they perceive
themselves as warriors fighting barbaric men
opposed to all that is good in the world.

Men with buzzcuts and clad in their camouflage
waved their hands in the air, M-16 assault rifles
beside them, and chanted heavy metal-flavoured
lyrics in praise of Christ late on Friday in a
yellow-brick chapel.   
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Don't Say We Didn't Warn You 
  Lessons They Won't Learn from November 2: a
Word from Nader; a Last Look at Kerry and Michael

"Why Is He Losing?" was the title I initially
gave a column I wrote for The Nation a couple of
weeks ago before the election. My editor there,
Roane Carey, worried that this was maybe too
pessimistic, amid supposed portents of a sudden
swell for Kerry. So we called the column You
Can't Blame Nader for This." Both headlines
turned out to be true and here we are amid the
ashes of a terrible defeat for the Democrats and
for liberal hopes.

A distraught young person called me in tears on
the morning after and I tried to console her by
saying that in 1980 things looked pretty dark
after Ronald Reagan and the Republicans swept
into power, yet only twelve years later we had a
draft-dodging adulterer ensconced in the White
House and the Democrats back in control of
Congress for a couple of years. 
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Democrats: Who to blame this time? 
Democrats in End Time
Republicans Gain Shattering Victory; Who to Blame
This Time?

The crusade that George Bush called for in 2001
against terrorism from abroad came to fruition
yesterday in a more homely context as Christians
flocked to the polls in stronger numbers than in
2000 to battle against such manifestations of
post-modernity as gay marriage.

There are many reasons for what is an
overwhelming Republican victory across the board.
They range from the disastrous choice of John
Edwards as Kerry's running mate to delusions
about the potency of electronic organizing (that
should have been demolished after Howard Dean's
implosion last spring), to the fatal deficiencies
of Kerry himself.   

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