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  Please, when you reply to a message, do actually use the REPLY  
function of your mail program (MS Outlook Express), and do not create  
a new thread with the same subject. In many many cases it is  
impossible to find out, which message you are replying to since the  
"In-Reply-To:" header is missing which is used by intelligent mail  
programs (not Outlook Express apparently) to locate the message  
replied to. At least put some indicator at the top of your message.

JB> The only way in which this warped situation could change, would be if
JB> a voting system of proportional representation was substituted for a
JB> first-past-the-post system in the US, such that no votes are lost,
JB> and representation in government is based accurately on real voting
JB> strength.

  No, that would not change very much.

  Increased _social activity_ would be the key, i.e. primarily a rise  
in class conflicts, with a strengthenig of working peoples self-esteem  
and self-confidence.

  Changing technicalities of the election setup would not do the  
trick, which is one of the fallacies of the Nader/Camejo campaign  
which heavily pushed that theme.

  What the USA sees as a record participation would be seen in most  
European countries as a catastrophically low participation, which is  
currently reached (from above) only in regional, municipal or european  
elections (when I started my conscious political life, participation  
rates of 90% and more were normal in West German federal elections).

  The basic cause for this difference is that the working classes in  
most European countries had managed to build their own parties, and  
still maintain those, even if they are barely recognizable as being  
related to the interests of working people, as e.g. the policies of  
wage cutting and prolongation of working hours of the current German  
government composed of Social-Democrats and Greens show.

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