[Marxism] re:Spike in archive visits

David Walters dwalters at marxists.org
Tue Nov 9 11:12:44 MST 2004

  The Marxists Internet Archive received in October 1,376,5738 hits. 
While out techno-geeks communist volunteers do their best to eliminate 
'bot's, search engine and other non-human hits, many/alot/most get 
through. We have a page on our server stats (just our main one, not the 
5 mirrors). Take a look at it as we break it down to exactly what file, 
what page, etc get's hit.(it is fascinating to see what files are the 
most popular, what writers, etc) It is at:


For last month see:


Our stats show *where* someone came from to get to the site, as well as 
where they left, which pages get hit, etc. The software for this, as I 
understand it, was developed by our techno-geeks. Ergo, it's free of 
charge to anyone who wants to use it but write us about it for sure.

Having said all that I wouldn't take the numbers too seriously. Clearly 
with things like "Lenin" and "socialism" we are going to get a lot of 
hits...at least by search engines. How long they stay, another key 
indication, I'm not so sure about, and this would be the most telling, 
as would multiple hits from the same IP address to similar pages.

When I look at stats like these, I usually divide by 5 and then get a 
number of actual users.

I only use Marxmail's archive site to read messages, I don't get them 
in my mail-box. I must hit the archives about 40 times a week simply 
going in an out, refreshing the page, or starting brand new. No online 
software can tell which is which so I may be counted as 40, or more, or 
less. This should be true with sites like this and marxists.org as 

Another consideration. On the MIA we only use "relative links" instead 
of "absolute links". Some statistical software, and most online 
software, can't tell the difference, which is important. With an 
absolute link, or anchor, it means the browser goes back out on the 
internet, comes back in, and displays the page or anchor. This throws 
off the statistics. Relative links usually, not always, maintain the 
same 'hit' because the link is faster by moving up and down the 
directory structure.

That's my thoughts on this, I'm glad marxmail is getting more hits, 
anyway, it's always a good thing.

David Walters

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