[Marxism] re:Spike in archive visits

M. Junaid Alam mjunaidalam at msalam.net
Tue Nov 9 11:32:25 MST 2004

Now that makes more sense. In general, the main problem with a "hits" 
number is that it calculates the total number of files accessed from the 
server by the browser - so if your webpage has 20 graphics and one 
article on a given page, and someone accesses it, that will be counted 
as 21 hits. But this doesn't apply for Marxmail discussion list where 
there are no graphics in the first place. But it still means that if one 
person clicks 40 different messages, it's counted as 40 hits. A visit, 
at least as defined by the 'aw stats' statistics analyzer program, means 
that once anything anywhere on the site is accessed by a specific IP 
address, and no matter how many hits that IP address logs in during a 30 
minute period, that still counts as just one visit.

It's also true that Alexa ratings aren't useful for gauging Marxmail, 
but I'm confused as to how Marxmail is operated. I though Alexa wouldn't 
be useful now because the server hosting the list isn't on marxmail.org, 
it's on columbia.edu, and you can't access ratings for subsites of 
domains through Alexa. But then again the discussion list itself is 
located at Utah? How does that all work exactly?

I should also clarify about Left Hook while w'ere on it - in May we 
averaged about 220 hits a day, now we're up to 500 hits a day; last 
month was 430 hits a day, for a total of about 12,700 overall visitors, 
8,300 of whom were 'unique' (different IP addresses). I can count the 
number of leftist outlets that took a principled anti-ABB line on one 
hand - counterpunch, axis of logic,press action, left hook, and wherever 
most marxist socialists are at, like marxmail.

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