[Marxism] Rumsfeld concedes Iraqis support resistance today

Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
Wed Nov 10 07:00:02 MST 2004

There was an interesting meeting in Buenos Aires on Monday last with 
Karen Maron.  Karen is a war correspondant, an Argentinean journalist 
of Arab origin, who has been covering the Iraq war -on the spot and 
not from some elegant hotel lobby- among others because being of Arab 
family she could simply dress Arab clothes and get mixed with common 
people.  A journalistic asset for anyone but liars such as CNN, etc.

This woman commented that, one day when there was some turmoil about 
S. Hussein, she went to a popular place to see what was happening and 
discovered that there appeared portraits of S.H. everywhere.  The 
most striking thing, however, was that the taxi driver who had taken 
her there, a garrulous Iraqi who had been talking the worst of S.H. 
in English to her while driving this "Western journalist" to the  
place, switched to Arab when he saw her talking with people in the 
streets, and also switched to a "S. Hussein is the greatest Iraqi" 

Whatever one thinks of S. Hussein, the fact is that the reality of 
Iraq is quite different than what the High Command is told in English 
by smart colonials.  This brutal strike on Fallujah will only 
strengthen the determinacy of the Iraqis in their support of the 

BTW: K. Maron also told that according to comments people had made 
her, the first thing that the Americans did upon arrival to Iraq was 
to shoot the 300 topmost scientists of Iraq.  Se non é vero, é ben 

Now, you can't go break Hammurabi's code and kill 300 scientists, and 
expect to win the war.  

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> GI Special:
>  thomasfbarton at earthlink.net
>  11.10.04
> Rumsfeld Admits Iraqis Favor The Resistance!
> November 09, 2004 By Robert Burns, Associated Press
> "I don't know how many weeks or how many months" it will take to reach
> a point where the weight of public opinion favors the new Iraqi
> government instead of the insurgents, he said.  "Nobody knows." 
> [Wrong.  Everybody knows.  Never happen.]
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