[Marxism] Chinese system

John Rosso ijrosso at telus.net
Wed Nov 10 14:41:58 MST 2004

Chinese economy:

Renato writes:

"In my opinion, mass packaging of meats and groceries would have meant unemploymen..."

The purpose of government is to make a better society for the people.  Holding back technological development to stop unemployment is wrong-headed (Luddite) thinking.   In a socialist society, where enterprises producing vital needs of society are owned by the government,   the gains of technology would go to the people. 
 (For example:  Mass packaging would have eliminated long lineups at the counter that wasted the people's time. Secondly, if the same amount of production could be done by new technology, the benefits would go to the people  by either reduced costs of production or by a reduced work week and so on.)

"By the way, China is a capitalist country."

Capitalism ranges from authoritarian monarchies and dictatorial republics which benefit the few,  to "democratic" social democrats who claim to represent the working class majority. 

The Guardian was pondering the type of system that now exists in China.  I'm saying that it qualifies as fascist.     Being generic does little to answer the question.



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