[Marxism] Graduate Programs in World Systems Analysis & History

Pieinsky pieinsky at igc.org
Wed Nov 10 19:32:20 MST 2004

Wallerstein is no longer at SUNY Binghamton -- retired.  To your list you
might add Rutgers where I went.  There are a couple of Marxists there in the
history department.  Though he's not one of the Big Names in this field, I
set up a small reading group to study World Systems theory and the
"transition question" with Allen Howard whose speciality is West African
history and who has a long pedigree as a leftist activist and who is a
genuinely nice man.  The History Dept. sponsors a sort of think tank called
the Center for Historical Analysis which draws in Big Name historians such
as, when I was there in the early 1990s, E.P. and Dorothy Thompson, and they
did other interesting things like bringing in Canadian Trotskyist and labor
historian Brian Palmer to debate socialist feminist convert to
postmodernism, Joan Scott.  It was an interesting milieu, then anyway, with
quite a few leftist grad students.  One grad student I knew when I was there
did his dissertation on the history of the Vietnam Veterans against the War
(VVAW); another did his on the Cuba solidarity movement; another on Arizona
mine workers.  Marxists are also lurking in the Rutgers Geography (ex-home
of Neal Smith who is now at NYU, I believe) and English programs.  Plus,
they have fellowships.


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