[Marxism] Fallujah eyewitness account

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Wed Nov 10 22:07:17 MST 2004

Thanks Jay.

I followed the links here.  Escobar was certainly worth a read.  Remarkable 
actually, when one thinks of the material produced on Fox and CNN.
the news of Arafat's death has just come in.  debka.com was obscene in its 
reporting.  What's new?

There is a sense we have come to a real crisis in the ME.  It is of course 
impossible to see how this will be played out.  But I keep thinking of 
Godfather 2 and the scene in Cuba when the Don realises the game is up 
because people are willing to die for the revolution.

When will Bush & co come to a similar realization I wonder.



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