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Thu Nov 11 23:14:02 MST 2004

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suarsos at alphalink.com.au writes:
As usual the attacks on the Worker Communist Party of Iraq are getting out
of proportion. JoeD writes that the WCP-I  “should never have embraced the
US as their saviors.” 

That got my attention, so I had a look through the debate (it’s all on the
Green Left list). The WCP-I says that “The Iraqi communists must fight
against both these two poles of terrorism; the USA and political Islam” and
that the Left “should build an armed resistance but not join the armed
resistance conducted by Islamists.”

I must apologise. I confused the WCPI with the ICP, who collaborated with the 
occupation by taking a seat on the interim governing council. That said, upon 
checking their website, their policy of calling for a separate resistance 
movement to that consisting of former Baathists and Islamists is of course 
divisive and potentially weakening to the resistance as a whole. 

A united, broad front made up of all the various political and religious 
factions in Iraq can prevail. Anything else, by definition, plays right into the 
hands of US imperialism.


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