[Marxism] Falluja Is Stalingrad

Octob1917 at aol.com Octob1917 at aol.com
Fri Nov 12 01:45:19 MST 2004

Just as Hitler ordered the taking and holding of this city at all costs in 
1942 for ideological and symbolic reasons rather than strategic ones, so the new 
Nazis, the right wing ideologues occupying the White House and the upper 
echelons of the US government, have determined that Falluja must be taken. House 
by house the US Marines go, killing all in their path, bringing such a 
superiority in manpower, firepower and equipment to bear that it makes the biblical 
match-up of David and Goliath equal by comparison.

Iraqi Resistance fighters left in the town, despite a deluge of US propaganda 
painting them as mindless and disorganized thugs, continue to put up a 
Herculean and dogged opposition to this brutal assault by combined infantry, armor 
and airpower. Using the town's typography to great effect, they have so far 
accounted for 18 dead and over 100 wounded Marines (as per official US statistics 
released yesterday).

Elsewhere - in Ramadi, Samara, Kirkuk, and Baghdad - the resistance has 
mounted a fresh wave of attacks in an attempt to aid their comrades in Falluja.

This time six months ago, how many outside Iraq had even heard of this town? 
Now, and forevermore, the name Falluja will drop from the lips of people all 
over the world in tribute to the power of human dignity over that of human 

Long live the spirit of the people of Falluja. Long live the resistance.




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