[Marxism] (no subject)Chinese/US fascism

John Rosso ijrosso at telus.net
Fri Nov 12 18:55:37 MST 2004

Renato Pompeu writes:

   "...what about the unemployed? ...Fascism protected labour; it did

not have unemployment and it redistributed income...protected labour...

In Brazil, labour rights such as paid weekly rest...


Glad you think a war economy by fascists solved the unemployment problem.  German children were taught in schools "Hitler solved the unemployment problem."


And in Brazil - the benefits are written on paper - in practice it's a joke.



Rick Page writes:


"In a word the adoration of the state over and above the autonomy of the individual- the problem with maoism as a form of marxism is exactly this in practice."


There is a difference between blind adoration (and ideology)  and government serving the public good. In Mao's case it was the blind followings of Mao   without pondering the results (enormous misplaced manpower, loss of production, and death of 20 million). 

The "public good" however, is government designing policies which put "people before profits";   majority interests ahead of individual interests (or that of corporations;  eradication of racism and other forms of discrimination in national policies; and an economic system which puts key industries and resources (that is in a democratic mixed-economy system) in the hands of government under state socialist concepts rather than that of  state capitalism - as in China today.  



Louis Proyect wrote:


"Fascist countries don't invite radical professors like Jim Craven to

give talks at conferences."


That's true - if they disagree with the regime!  However,   Jim C was apparently invited because of his  already know stance or issues. And that's probably why he was invited and treated so well. He might even have bolstered the  regime. 


Louis Proyect wrote:


"Dr. Britt is a self-described "humanist". He says that the failure to

investigate the plane crash of Paul Wellstone is proof that the USA is

fascist. This is not worth replying to. Comrade Rosso, have you ever

read Marxist literature on fascism? Much of it is online at

www.marxists.org <http://www.marxists.org> and will cost you nothing except time that would be



It's not what Dr. Britt is, its what he says and stands for.

While his statement on  Paul Wellstone's death is overkill, the UA has its "dirty tricks" at home and abroad. At home there's the FBI's COINTEL program while the  CIA had its  drug trafficking programs that we know of.  Abroad, the US's foreign policies are imperialist and fascist of the worst kind.  Re - dropping A-bombs in the middle of two Japanese cities when they weren't needed at all; 4 million Indo-Chinese dead and dozens of other imperialist interventions including Iraq today.  But as to fascism, the US practices it indirectly abroad - supporting fascist dictators everywhere as long as they conform to US economic demands (not freedom or democracy which the regimes suppress). 


To question if fascism applies to the US - read the Homeland and Patriot acts - and decide for yourself - particularly if you know what fascism is from reading Marism.org. 

Here's a summary of what can happen to you (particular foreigers in the US:

And under the Homeland and Patriot acts,  a person can be picked off the streets, held in solitary confinement for unlimited time, would be given an appointed lawyer when and if the person is charged, can be sentenced to death with no appeal allowed all in secret - with even families not being notified of the issue. Severe penalties would be applied to anyone who discloses information on  the case. (See Patriot II)


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