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And in Brazil - the benefits are written on paper - in practice it's a

Sir, in Brazil benefits are not a joke, at least not for half the labour
force, in the formal sector. Even in the informal sector, certain
aspects of the law are applied, such as paid weekly rest, paid 30 days
vacations a year, 13 monthly wages a year, instead of 12; though
informal workers do not pay Security, they have a right to free health
care in State institutions. I myself have just won a fat compensation
for having been fired. 
Do not forget that Mussolini was a factory worker that became first a
Marxist activist and then a revolutionary trade-unionist in the
tradition of French Marxist philosopher Georges Sorel, which went to
Rome to salute Mussolini's triumph as "the victory of Marx's ideas".
Do not forget that Hitler was a wall painter and that his party was
called German Workers' National Socialist Party. Both Mussolini and
Hitler were leaders of unemployed masses. Just like Saddam Hussein, they
imposed a code of labour and good free health care.
The problem is that all Fascisms insured whole employment by a monstrous
war economy and that they attacked income concentration by excluding
whole groups of people from society, such as Jews, Communists,
Democrats, Roma, Homosexuals, and by confiscating and redistributing
their properties. They did not permit also independent mobilizations by
the workers, not even strikes - but workers, if they revolted in Italy
when it was being defeated in the war, never revolted in Germany.
And then, in Brazil, leftist groups are allied to fascist groups in the
fight against privatization, in the fight for nationalism and in the
fight in defence of labour rights, and even in anti-semitism.
I do not say all this because I like it, but because it is true.
Pinochet and the Guatemalan rulers never were factory workers or wall
painters, they never were leaders of unemployed masses - they never were
By the way, do not forget that the sectors of the French Communist Party
did welcome Nazi invasion, for the Hitler-Stalin Pact was in vigour, and
only began Resistance when Germany invaded the Soviet Union.
Renato Pompeu

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