[Marxism] "I've come to bring you hell"... then hell found him

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Sun Nov 14 09:21:03 MST 2004

A mental health crisis is emerging, with one in six returning soldiers  
afflicted, experts say.

By Esther Schrader, LA Times Staff Writer

The pain of the needle felt good to the 40-year-old former Army  
sergeant, whose memories of his nine months as a machine-gunner in Iraq  
had left him, he said, "feeling dead inside." LaBranche's back is now  
covered in images, the largest the dark outline of a sword. Drawn from  
his neck to the small of his back, it is emblazoned with the words  
LaBranche says encapsulate the war's effect on him: "I've come to bring  
you hell."
. . .

Army and Veterans Administration mental health experts say there is  
reason to believe the war's ultimate psychological fallout will worsen.  
The Army survey of 6,200 soldiers and Marines included only troops  
willing to report their problems. The study did not look at reservists,  
who tend to suffer a higher rate of psychological injury than career  
Marines and soldiers. And the soldiers in the study served in the early  
months of the war, when tours were shorter and before the Iraqi  
insurgency took shape.

Before the war, LaBranche was living in Saco, Maine, with his wife and  
children and had no history of mental illness. He deployed to Iraq with  
a National Guard transportation company based in Bangor. He came home a  
different person. Just three days after he was discharged from Walter  
Reed, he was arrested for threatening his former wife. When he goes to  
court Dec. 9, he could be looking at jail time.

He lies on a couch at his brother's house most days now, struggling  
with the image of the Iraqi woman who died in his arms after he shot  
her, and the children he says caught some of his bullets. His speech is  
pocked with obscenities.

On a recent outing with friends, he became so enraged when he saw a  
Muslim family that he had to take medication to calm down. He is seeing  
a therapist, but only once every two weeks. "I'm taking enough drugs to  
sedate an elephant, and I still wake up dreaming about it," LaBranche  
said. "I wish I had just freaking died over there."

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