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and perhaps this is another part of the answer on the question of 
canada's role:

Canadian Firms Insure Profitable Bloodshed in Iraq, Afghanistan, 
Philippines, and Other War Zones in War Against Freedom
(report from Matthew Behrens of Homes not Bombs)

	While Paul Martin was congratulating Canada on "not participating"
in the U.S.-led invasion and occupation of Iraq during last spring's
federal election, a Quebec-based weapons firm sealed a deal which will
ensure that every time Iraqi or Afghani blood is shed, a Canadian-made
bullet will be one of the prime suspects.
	On May 25, 2004, General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems
announced the formation of a "multinational consortium of proven
small-caliber ammunition producers whose purpose is to respond to the 
Defense Department's immediate and growing demand for small-caliber
ammunition." Members of the consortium include Winchester, Israel 
Industries Ltd. (IMI) and SNC Technologies, Inc. of  Le Gardeur, Quebec.
	SNC Technologies (SNC TEC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of
engineering firm SNC-Lavalin, which acquired the company in 1980.
	SNC TEC prides itself on the production of what it calls, with no
trace of irony, IM (insensitive munition) technology. In an age of 
and gentler invasions and occupations, it's nice to know that at least 
of the players is up front and honest about the brutal nature of its
	SNC TEC produces the tools by which murders are committed,
individually or on a mass scale. They make over 100 types of ammunition,
both for training to kill and for killing itself.  From the 5.56 mm
"non-toxic improved penetrator cartridge" (which presumably does not 
cancer to the individual whose insides are torn apart by the bullet) to
the ".50 caliber Sniper Elite and Target radar augmented projectiles," 
boasts of a "creative R&D and engineering team" to fill what they call 
"niche" in the world murder market.
	It is one of numerous contracts which Canadian war firms are
picking up to support current U.S. invasions, occupations, and other
illegal maneuvers under the guise of fighting terrorism.
  	Héroux-Devtek announced September 29 that its Landing Gear Division
has been awarded $22 million in  contracts from the United
States Air Force for the F-16 fighter aircraft, the "workhorse" of the
U.S. military which can unload 16,000 pounds of bombs in one go.
	Héroux-Devtek owns the notorious Diemaco of Kitchener,
manufacturers of a "family" of chain guns which can fire up to 700 
a minute and which are currently in use in Iraq and Afghanistan.
	A company release proudly boasts of a "repair and overhaul contract
for the U.S. Air Force for ten years. The total value of the contract is
$140 million. Important design, development, manufacturing and supply
contracts were also signed [in 2004] for new generation military 
with Boeing, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin."
	And more will come. At the end of September, The World Trade Centre
Montreal and the Quebec Aerospace Association put together a trade 
to visit the head office of the US Naval Air Systems Command (US NAVAIR)
at Patuxent River, Maryland. Their goal was to "promote Quebec's 
products and services for American defence."
	This summer, Project Ploughshares reported that Canadian
helicopters were bound for Pakistan's military, despite a Canadian
military embargo against that country. They will originate in the Bell
Helicopter Textron Canada plant in Mirabel, Quebec, and are to be used 
the "war against terror," the catch-all phrase for anything anyone wants
to get away with when a clear, legal rationale is not readily available.
	Meanwhile, the Canadian government, perhaps fearful that a stand
for peace will interfere with the domestic war industry, abstained in
August at the United Nations on a resolution "reaffirming the central 
of the United Nations in the maintenance of international peace and
security and the promotion of international cooperation".
	A U.N. release says the resolution "condemned acts of terrorism in
all its forms and manifestations, wherever and by whomever committed, 
reiterated its call on all States to adopt and implement further 
to prevent terrorism and to strengthen international cooperation in
combating terrorism."
	While some may fret about Canada's world reputation in abstaining
on such a concept, others may simply realize Canada cannot support such
resolutionss when it profits off  the export of products whose sole
purpose is terrorizing civilian populations.

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> I figure that lack of a reply to "What Is Canada's Role in Iraq? meant 
> that I should look it up myself.
> Here is at least part of the answer.

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