[Marxism] Fallujah -- twas a famous rollover

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Mon Nov 15 09:21:36 MST 2004

I guess I could Google this or something.  But the US is now claiming 38
GIs killed (by the US rulers, not the resistance, in my book) in the
battle of Fallujah.  Isn't this the highest US casualty rate for any
single enggement  in the three wars with Iraq? Doesn't this indicate
that claims that this was  a "rollover" for US forces are a tad
exaggerated?  Since the decision by most rebels to leave the town for
other parts (including the once and future Zarqawi) meant that staging
an epic battle on the scale of Stalingrad, Hue, the Warsaw Ghetto, or
Khorramshahr (where the Iranian defenders decisively broke Iraq's
offensive in a 40-day battle at the opening of the Iraq-Iran war),
doesn't this indicate that this battle was terribly costly for the
occupiers -- not an event they can afford to repeat every week if the
home front is to remain in uneasy stability? 
 And, since the town is occupied but not 'subdued' , why is fighting
dieing down sharply (assuming it is as reported)? Is this a sign that
having declared victory, the US commanders are living de facto, at least
for the moment, in a live-and-let-live,  don't ask-don't tell,
relationship with the rebel forces who still have some strength in
And when this is combined with the virtual takeover of Mosul and some
other cities and towns during the combat, doesn't this indicate that the
insurgency can spread its forces, while retaining combat capacity, more
readily than their US foes (do I feel a draft?).
If this was easier than they expected and took less time than expected
-- as the commanders claim, without having told us what or how long they
were expecting this to take -- were they expecting to be defeated (it
took more time and more US casualties than I expected)? Are they up and
eager for another similar battle in Mosul or Ramadi or in the
neighborhoods of Basra and Baghdad? Without commiting myself, it seems
possible that this victory really may have been a tad Pyrrhic.
Fred Feldman

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