Fwd: [Marxism] Michael Moore apologizes for claiming Mumia "killed that cop"

paul bunyan cutemdown2003 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 15 09:25:10 MST 2004

Fred Feldman wrote:

>"lesser-evil," pro-war John Kerry. Moore opened by inviting
>to the stage and paying homage to the mother of the first
>National Guardsman killed in a U.S. war since 1945. 
First National Guardsman killed in a U.S. war since 1945? Hardly. During the Korean War, since it takes one year to organize new Army Divisions from scratch during an expansion, the National Guard played a major role during the first year of the Korean War, and their casualties reflect that. During Vietnam, while the guard/reserves, were a much smaller percentage of total forces, than currently in Iraq, there were guardsmen killed during that war. During the first Gulf War 26 members of the Pennsylvania National Guard were killed when their barracks suffered a direct hit from a SCUD missle.

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