[Marxism] Re: Admire Colin Powell - Hell No!!!

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Mon Nov 15 22:31:17 MST 2004

While Jurriaan Bendien has some misconceived admiration for Colin Powell - after reading Powell's "biographical puff piece" - I would like to mention a couple of things - beyond the obvious last 14 years in the national spotlight in service to the capitalist class.

First let us not forget, that it was Colin Powell who was an army colonel in Vietnam who tried to cover up the My Lai Massacre.
His subordinates Captain Medina and Lieutenant Calley are more well known for that deplorable event - but it was Colin Powell who was really in charge of that atrocity.  So for Powell staying in Bush's cabinet, with all the slaughter and outrages, perpetrated by the Bush Gang, as one of the chief spokesman - is not surprising knowing this background on his past atrocities.

Second, I also grew up in New York City and lived near Colin Powell in the South Bronx for one year in 1959, but this does not mean I or the other poor residents would be the baby killer that Powell turned out to be - in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Grenada and more recently in the Iraq Blockade that starved babies and the even more recent war and the prison tortures and still more bombings and killings that Powell should not be admired in any way.

Many others have had spectacular lives - but need to also be denounced and never flattered - for their politics and actions.  They deserve only the voices of the world, in denouncing their service, to the corporate empires of greed, cruelty and corruption.

It is important to take sides.  I do not side with Colin Powell and have nothing to admire him for, in serving the wrong class.

John O'Brien

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  Interesting post. As for myself, I was standing in an Irish bar, drinking a 
  Bacardi and a Guiness to pick up some Dutch courage after talking about a 
  new job and my latest bungles, chatting with a friendly Australian barmaid, 
  and the news came on how Colin Powell had resigned. Took me by surprise, 
  then I thought, could have been predictable in view of Bush's reshuffle.

  Maybe this sounds crazy, but I do have a lot of respect for Colin Powell as 
  a person, even if I obviously disagree politically with him on many 
  questions. I read his autobiography. What a spectacular life. Did he work 
  hard, or what. That's life energy, stamina. Don't know if I could ever do 
  it, I don't think I'm that tough. And maybe half the time, he didn't even 
  agree with the party line I guess.

  He believed in negotiated solutions (which I personally have usually been 
  bad at, for comparison) but he found himself in situations having to 
  negotiate the unnegotiable, and still having to carry on regardless. You 
  might get that in ordinary life, but of course it's a different story if you 
  carry the responsibility for the US State Department, and you have the face 
  the world everyday and justify everything.

  My guess is that Powell's soul is taking him back to his roots, the people 
  that he grew up with.

  Anyway, that's my blog for now. Gotta get the move on, stop frittering time.


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