[Marxism] Admire Colin Powell - Hell No!!!

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Tue Nov 16 11:58:28 MST 2004

RWRAINEY5 at aol.com wrote:
> Jurriann;
> What's your source for the Chinese acknowledgement that 13 million deaths
> occurred?

I don't remember particular figures, but Chou and other Chinese leaders
openly discussed the large number of famine deaths at that time. To
simply equate "Great Leap Forward" with "Mass deaths" is merely crude
polemics. One of the causes (not the major one but important) is
implicitly discussed in Lenin's _Imperialism_ 50 years earlier, where he
discusses the way in which railroads are routed in the colonial world.
They were constructed to serve exports, not to provide transportation
within a nation. China's railroads were like that, and as a consequence
even after discovering food shortages in particular locales they were
unable to transport food quickly enough.


J also runs together two quite separate death rates in 1930s USSR --
those caused by the famine are extremely large; those caused by the
purge; the former were huge, the latter was criminally large but _much_
smaller than most western estimates during the Cold War. The extent to
which the famine deaths were deliberate can be debated by the
sovietologists and other metaphysicians.

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