[Marxism] Admire Colin Powell - Hell No!!!

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Tue Nov 16 13:42:52 MST 2004

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marvgandall at rogers.com writes:
Executions occured at all levels, up to the royal family, but they
were never ordered in triumph or in vengeance, but cautiously, as sober
political acts calculated to deprive the counter-revolutionary forces of
leadership and to deter collaboration in the ranks

This is false. The work of Dzerzhinsky (known as the sword of the revolution) 
during the years of the Civil War and after refutes your assertion that 
executions and purges were carried out cautiously. 

And who says that the revolutionary justice that I've described would happen 
in a haphazard, disorganised fashion. Powell, and others of his class, would 
be tried in a people's court, found guilty and executed in an organised and 
impersonal manner. This has nothing to do with anger or powerlessness. It is, 
instead, born of the understanding that the crimes against humanity for which he 
and others of his ilk are responsible can only be resolved by the utilisation 
of the ultimate penalty.

The next level of bourgeois scum would be sent to newly constituted 
re-education camps for years of hard labor and indoctrination in communist theory and 
principles. I hereby volunteer for the post of camp commandant.


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