[Marxism] Admire Colin Powell - Hell No!!!,

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Tue Nov 16 16:34:53 MST 2004

I agree with Louis on this one. Except, there's more millionaires than you 
can easily fit on a few islands these days. A lot of them are billionaires. 
US millionaires own about $7.5 trillion of assets, worldwide millionaires 
own about $28.8 trillion of assets. About of third of that is stocks. If 
about one in 125 Americans is a millionaires, this was statistically 
significant for the voting pattern, since US millionaires comprise one in 
about 89 potential voters.

See for example:

Unfortunately, I cannot log into the relevant site, but one of you people 
can relate their asset holdings to global asset holdings, I'm sure.


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