[Marxism] Not wanting to go to Iraq

Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Tue Nov 16 16:48:12 MST 2004

>The Army has encountered resistance from more than 2,000 former
it has ordered back to military work, complicating its efforts to fill 
gaps in the regular troops.

>Many of these former soldiers - some of whom say they have not trained,

held a gun, worn a uniform or even gone for a jog in years - object to 
being sent to Iraq and Afghanistan now, after they thought they were 
through with life on active duty.

>They are seeking exemptions, filing court cases or simply failing to 
report for duty, moves that will be watched closely by approximately 
110,000 other members of the Individual Ready Reserve, a corps of 
soldiers who are no longer on active duty but still are eligible for 

A useful tactic might be for them all to apply for the Texas or
Louisiana National Guard to avoid call-up.

I believe there is a good precedent for that.


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