[Marxism] Admire Colin Powell - Hell No!!!

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Tue Nov 16 18:04:18 MST 2004

Paul Bunyan wrote:

Regarding people such as Powell and other, yes other conservatives, and 
denying them any human credit, and regarding them as "evil"-People who take 
pleasure in human sufferring, who enjoy the existence of mass poverty, 
unemployment, homelessness, who have a desire to reinstate 19th century 
working conditions for workers, destroy unions, and who have a foreign 
policy, of telling other nations "do what we tell you, or we'll kill you" 
are not worthy of being regarded has "having good intentions", and yes, I 
will consider such scum as evil. The average US conservative has about the 
same moral fiber as those who "served" on the staff of such places as Dachau 
and Aushwitz during the 1930's and 40's. Slogans and posters reading "Peace" 
or "Love" need to be replaced with "Death to the Right". A little extreme? 
That's their attitude toward us.


Although I am not a qualified psychiatrist, I think I can understand the way 
you feel. Except, you characterization has very little to do with reality, 
you are just frothing at the mouth about where you imagine your enemy is. 
You have concocted a vague ideal-typical neocon, who is the object of your 

But you have zero idea about what really motivates your own rulers, or what 
is really happening in your society, it's just racism, caricature, more 
racism, more caricature from you. Your propaganda is 100% ineffective. You 
know fuckall about moral fiber. You are just having a tantrum.

All you have got is a hate message, nothing else, you are just looking for 
somebody to blame. Sieg Heil! You would actually do well in the Nazi League, 
with your simplistic caricatures. You'd meet all your fellow victims there.

It isn't Aushwitz, but Auschwitz. Dachau camp was established in 1933, 
initially for arrested communists and socialists. Auschwitz concentration 
camp was established in 1940, it did not exist in the 1930s, mainly because 
the wehrmacht hadn't conquered Poland yet at that stage. What do you know 
about it? You just make a crude caricature about Nazism, and foist it onto 
neoconservatives, just as the neoconservatives call Saddam Hussein "Hitler". 
It's just little children calling each other Hitler, that is all.

If I was a neoconservative, I would say: what a fucking loser you are, with 
losers like you, I win without even having to do anything, because you do my 
work for me and you're so stupid that you don't even know what you are 

As a socialist, what I say is that with friends like you, I don't need 

Well as for myself, I am sick for now of this inane bullshit from loony 
leftists and their American moral crisis. If I was building a socialist 
organisation in the US, I would not want to have you in it. You just cause 
trouble for other people with your ranting and frothing.

If you are so desperate, might as well say that you are desperate, rather 
than pretend it is politics.

If you like, you can go and graze on your own carpet now.


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