[Marxism] Admire Colin Powell - Hell No!!!

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Tue Nov 16 20:53:08 MST 2004

I always thought that the point of suppression of the ruling class was 
to keep them from coming back into power. Whatever their sins are, it 
will be judged at the time. It will not be our job. Hopefully, the 
socialist leaders will be people who are as capable of building as of 

The Czar and other figures were killed along with others to remove a 
pole of attraction for the counter-revolution. That includes both the 
internal counter revolutionists and the power of the rest of the 
imperialist world.

However, with the victory of socialism (with the caveat above) in the 
United States, the pole is removed unless God him/herself intervenes. 
The United States and Europe are the ultimate bastion of 
counterrevolution. No more action needs to be taken other than what the 
circumstances require. Therefore the need to physically destroy 
individuals is gone. Trotsky's idea of islands as a place of retirement 
is as good as any other.

And the workers will move on to create a world of peace and justice.

Brian Shannon

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