[Marxism] Vermont's Kerr completes deal to sell milk to Cuba

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Wed Nov 17 12:41:58 MST 2004

(Cuba continues on with the process of de-dollaring
its economy, and U.S. companies and state officials
show no concern about their receiving full payments
for their sales, in cash, as required under current
U.S. legislation. What do these people know that the
State Department and the Wall Street Journal don't?

(They know that Cuba isn't broke and that Cuba has
a solid record of paying its bills to such companies
from the United States. In full and on time. 100%!)

Kerr completes deal to sell milk to Cuba

MONTPELIER, Vt. Agriculture Secretary Steve Kerr says he
has completed a deal to sell six (m) million dollars in
powdered milk to Cuba.

Cuba has agreed to purchase powdered milk through
DairyAmerica, a California-based marketing cooperative.
Part of the order would come from the Saint Albans Co-op
and Agri-Mark, Vermont's two major dairy cooperatives.

Kerr, who returned last week from Cuba, expects the state
will sign a contract for the milk next month.

He also says he is close to working out a deal to sell
about 40-thousand dollars worth of apples to the island

Last month Cuba signed a deal to buy 100 registered cows
from Vermont.

Kerr expects Cuban inspectors to visit Vermont next month.

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