[Marxism] Letter from Iraq to a member of the NukeNews mailing list

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Thu Nov 18 01:16:17 MST 2004

My dear friend in America,

Things here are much worse now than under Saddam.  There was murder rape
and torture then too but at least we had basic services and could walk
on the street without fear of being held up or kidnapped.

Your Christian president is acting like he is the antiChrist.  He says
he is bringing democracy and freedom to Iraq and now we under martial
law.  The elections won't happen because major groups are planning to
boycott. After the slaughter in Fallujah this past week no one wants any
part of a plan set up by Americans.  Besides, everyone knows that the
American election was rigged so why should we expect fair elections

It is hard not to hate you Americans.  Several of my friends and
relatives have been killed in the past few months.  Some of them were
brave Iraqi patriots- what you call insurgents- fighting for their
homeland.  Most were just regular people trying to live their lives in
the middle of chaos.  Three were children.

We are afraid to have babies because of the radioactivity everywhere.
Five of my friends had miscarriages or badly deformed babies in the past
I personally know 4 children with cancer.  If you Americans had a heart
or a conscience you would cry out for us.  

I guess you are too busy looking at the disaster in your own country.  I
know you are trying desperately to reverse the election results but what
happened to your candidate John Kerry?  You seem to have no leadership.

I continue to pray for peace.  Maybe Allah or your Jesus who was
supposed to be for peace will hear me.

Salaam, Mariam

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