[Marxism] Re: General claims Fallujah outcome has broken back of insurgency

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Thu Nov 18 20:03:13 MST 2004

There's been no change in my assessment at all.  First of all, I don't
think that Fallujah is a military victory for Washington in any sense
that is meaningful in counterinsurgency imperialist war.  I think the
costs were way too high, and I am not even convinced at all that they
have eliminated the insurgency in Fallujah even temporarily.  The
ability to wage a costly battle in Fallujah with a small portion of the
fighters there previously, while launching a variety of attacks
including the semi-takeover of Mosul which seems unlikely to be
COMPLETELY reversed, seems to represent increased strength.  
To get the Sunnis and even the Shias to go along with the election, they
will now have to make concessions about candidates and so forth that
will make the government that emerges less reliable and more divided.
And even then there is a chance that the election won't be salvaged
(although I am betting that it will be at least to the level required
for US consumption.)  Right now, 47 organizations -- 8 of them Shia --
have proclaimed a boycott.
Frankly, I think the people who believe that there are WMDs in Iraq
(other than US ones) will probably buy this phony story for a time, but
I think the main thing the general accomplished was to set the line for
the next issue of  "The Militant."
Fred Feldman

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