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FF> First of all, I don't think that Fallujah is a military victory
FF> for Washington in any sense that is meaningful in
FF> counterinsurgency imperialist war.  I think the costs were way too
FF> high, and I am not even convinced at all that they have eliminated
FF> the insurgency in Fallujah even temporarily.  The ability to wage
FF> a costly battle in Fallujah with a small portion of the fighters
FF> there previously, while launching a variety of attacks including
FF> the semi-takeover of Mosul which seems unlikely to be COMPLETELY
FF> reversed, seems to represent increased strength.

   Since past Sunday, they claimed every day to have finished the  
Fallujah resistance "for all practical purposes" and they still report  
continued fighting every day.

   Wednesday night CNN (Int'l) aired a report by an embedded reporter  
for the British Channel 4 who showed how women and children were  
brought _out_ of Fallujah and left somewhere on the road far out of  
the city. Also, that men were allowed and brought into the city only  
as workers to collect corpses and general clean-up tasks. Also the  
huge amoung of destruction was visible.

   I think that while this battle of Fallujah may result in a military  
success, but that it results in an important political setback for the  
occupation. And the success may be as short-lived as the conquest of  

   It is also amusing how these US military commanders are obsessed  
with "command and control", as if the people fighting the foreign  
invasor would only be moved by orders from above and the threat of  

   This tells more about how they see us human beings than about their  
chances of suppressing the resistance.

FF> Frankly, I think the people who believe that there are WMDs in Iraq
FF> (other than US ones) will probably buy this phony story for a time,
FF> but I think the main thing the general accomplished was to set the
FF> line for the next issue of  "The Militant."

   We will be able to see it probably this evening.

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