[Marxism] A mad morning thought re Clinton and what the war is doing "to America"

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sat Nov 20 06:37:33 MST 2004

Clinton probably looked bad because he hasn't been drinking enough
blood.  Like the serial killer in Silence of the Lambs, he was probably
disappointed by the fact that there were no fattish teenage girls in the

I think the stuff about what is being done "to America" by the war is
very good news.  What Vietnam did to America more than anything else was
wake a lot of people up -- and that was a terrible, awful thing to the
ruling class.  I remember Nancy Reagan talking about the '60s as "those
terrible years."  One of those times when the rulers are forced to
notice that they are really a small minority.

The same thing is going on now. The process is slowed down by the fact
that there are no other social movements like the civil rights movement
which go deeply into the real masses of the population.  The antiwar
movement is still a socially narrow movement, and an antiwar movement is
not enough by itself to rock the society in the way that happened in the
1960s. But unless the rulers can recreate the prosperity and relative
stability of the 1950s into the early 1960s, these are on the way.

One reason why backwardness and ignorance stand out in sharper relief
today -- why it is so shocking that people believe the bourgeois news of
two years ago about WMD and Iraq-Al  Qaeda rather than today's bourgeois
news that says the opposite, why the backward thinking of religious
fundamentalism, Catholicism, Judaism, etc. stand out in higher relief,
is that the situation is changing which makes the real, long-standing
backwardness more visible and sharp.  A lot of people discovered that
the United States was a racist nation in the 1960s, when the racism was
under attack and in retreat.

Fred Feldman

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