[Marxism] They are all Baathists now? (was: General claims Fallujah outcome has)

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FF> Frankly, I think the people who believe that there are WMDs in Iraq
FF> (other than US ones) will probably buy this phony story for a time,
FF> but I think the main thing the general accomplished was to set the
FF> line for the next issue of  "The Militant."

   Well, Fred, it took them more time than usual to find a line this  
time, but the result is one of the lowest I have read in The Militant  
re the war against Iraq.

   The headline is "U.S. troops wage war to destroy Baathists".

   And then poor Sam Manuel begins his article with accepting the  
claim that "U.S. troops overran Fallujah November 15", while an AP  
report dated November 20 tells its readers that there is still  
fighting going on.

   It is really sad where these guys have sunken to.

   It seems that this line did not go thru so smooth, which I conclude  
from the late publication, and from the fact that in this article  
parts of the text are repeated, at least as it is reported on the  
title page.

   While the editorial "Bring the troops home now" is right on target,  
as far as that title and first paragraphs are concerned, but this  
editorial also reinforces the line of the news article, that today's  
resistance is just the continuation of Saddam Hussein's regime by  
other means.

   Editorial at http://www.themilitant.com/2004/6844/684420.html
   News article at http://www.themilitant.com/2004/6844/684401.html

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