[Marxism] They are all Baathists now? (was: General claims Fallujah outcome has)

Steve Gabosch sgabosch at comcast.net
Sun Nov 21 04:18:18 MST 2004

Lüko Willms writes 11/21:
>While the editorial "Bring the troops home now" is right on target,
>as far as that title and first paragraphs are concerned, but this
>editorial also reinforces the line of the news article, that today's
>resistance is just the continuation of Saddam Hussein's regime by
>other means.

Remark and question by Steve:
The above comment by Lüko Willms seems like a fair enough synopsis of the
Militant's view of who comprises the current armed resistance in Fallujah
and other cities in the Sunni Triangle area.  I've copied some of the
relevant statements regarding this from that news article for reference 
(The article does indeed double itself - I believe it can be ignored after
the second subtitle "The assault on Fallujah.")

In many ways, this is a factual issue - if not Baathist regime remnants
as described by the Militant, or not just them, then who has been or who has
also been battling the U.S. and the U.S.-backed Iraqi troops in recent days?

In solidarity,
~ Steve Gabosch

... excerpts from the Nov 30, 2004 Militant:
"U.S. troops overran Fallujah November 15, after a week-long ground offensive
against organized units of Baathists, remnants of the best forces of the
former regime of Saddam Hussein."

"This represents a full-scale war by U.S. forces to wipe out the units of the
Baathist army that dissolved last year but hid weapons and ammunition and
have used the Sunni-dominated cities in central Iraq as bases to attack the
U.S.-led occupation forces. It’s the unfinished war from last year’s
invasion, when the government of Turkey did not allow U.S. troops to use its
soil for a simultaneous invasion from the north."

"Much of what has been reported, points to those resisting being well-trained
former members of elite units of the Republican Guard that was the core of
the Hussein regime’s military."

<end of excerpts>

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