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Lil Joe joe_radical at earthlink.net
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I only have the stanza committed to memory:

I'll take my wife and leave this place (Eden)
Not miss it for a minute
For how can this be paradise
With fruit forbidden it it

(Prometheus would be proud!)

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Tom O'Lincoln asked:

>>Gilles, it's fairly long. Do you want the whole thing translated, or just
some lines? And when do you need it by?<<


First of all, thank you all (Lueko, Carrol, Lil Joe, and Tom) for
looking into this.

I too googled extensively to no avail -- except that I found out there
was indeed an English translation. I was hoping that one of us would
have it in her/his library (I do not)...

Tom, I only need the stance that reads (in French):

"Elle chantait la valle'e des larmes terrestres ou` toutes joies
s'e'vanouissent, et l'au-dela`, ou` l'a^me transfigure'e s'e'panouit dans
les be'atitudes e'ternelles. Elle chantait l'antique chant du renoncement,
l'Eiapopeia du ciel, avec lequel, quand il pleurniche, on berce le
peuple, ce gros be^ta..."

I have this quote in a little notebook that has followed me for some
30+ years, and the only reference I have is that it comes from
"Deutchland," Song 1, stanza 7.

I've tried to translate it from the French to no avail...and unfortunately,
I grew up in a family where German language was verbotten (my
father is a concentration camp survivor). So, I'm at a loss to
understand the text Lueko posted...

Tom, there is no hurry. It's something I would like to use on Swans. In
French, it's a very powerful (in the poetic form) description of how
people are manipulated...

I still would vey much appreciate it if a marxmail friend/comrade could
help me on this.

Gilles d'Aymery

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