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Mon Nov 22 13:09:34 MST 2004

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ffeldman at bellatlantic.net writes:
Joe has given up on them -- "they deserve everything they get" -- and he
thinks this is a more radical and revolutionary position than mine.
Which is alright I guess, because I see his position as a surrender to
the rulers, qualified by a willingness to be part of a basically passive
fifth column for the colonial peoples in the inevitable war with the
nuclear armed US imperialists.


This is arrant nonsense hardly deserving of any kind of response, much less 
an intelligent one.

In the ivory tower of Marxist purity in which you obviously reside, you've 
lost sight of the fact that in this country, these here United States, there is 
no Marxist movement, or working class movement worthy of the name. My comments 
were aimed at those who can stand blindly by whilst poor people across the 
other side of the world are slaughtered, their nation colonised, so that they 
can continue to enjoy lives of over-consumption and greed.

I detect a little chauvinism in your remarks, as if I've offended your sense 
of pride in being an American. Well, sorry about that, but the facts are the 

This empire will only be dismantled from within. That will entail a huge rise 
in consciousness and an awakening approaching the proportion of a mass 
epiphany, based on where we are now. This change in consciousness will require a 
catalyst and that catalyst will come, I'm convinced, in the shape of a sharp 
decline in material conditions.

This, I submit, is common sense, shorn of silly romantic notions of the 
American worker and such like.

White workers have benefited from US domestic and international imperialism. 
The growth of the military and prison industrial complex leaves us in no doubt 
of this.


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