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Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Mon Nov 22 18:29:03 MST 2004

Well, Joe added some lively insults to our exchange, which doesn't
bother me because I can certainly hold my own in that department.

Of course, our debate was not about whether Blacks and other
nationalities are oppressed in the United States relative to whites.  It
is the posture he adopts toward a section of the oppressed and
exploited.  I reject his moralistic condemnations of a whole race and
nationality in the United States as contributing exactly zero to the
freedom struggle of the Iraqi people or anybody else. That's my

As for the SWP, he has a point but my policy (I am finding that there
really is little or nothing new or important to be said on the subject)
on the list is: I write about what I think I should be writing about and
that's that.  Those who don't like it can skip my contributions, respond
to them civilly, or respond like Joe.  Streets are free, and so are we.

Since Joe added some insults, I will repeat my offense to him which I
think is a politically accurate characterization of his position in this

You think you can stand in condemnation and hatred of US working people
today  and not react the same ways to the problems and difficulties and
divisions of workers and peasants in the colonial world.  I am sure you
believe you can pull this off, but I don't think so. It's a sinful,
shit-smeared world out there. Joe may feel like a revolutionary tough
guy re the "white workers." (He really means, although he doesn't know
it, the American working class, virtually all of which -- acriss class,
color, sex, nationality, national origin,  and sexual orientation -- is
privileged relative to the Iraqi NATION.) But his hard boiled,
no-prisoners condemnations are just (speaking ideologically -- his
practice may be different) a letter of resignation from the class
struggle, not a mark or irreconcilability in that struggle.

And dat's coitains for dis exchange of views, as far as I'm concerned.
Fred Feldman

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