[Marxism] Kevin Sites speaks out

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Nov 23 07:46:48 MST 2004

(From the blog of the cameraman who showed a Marine killing a wounded 
Iraqi in a mosque.)

The Marines have built their proud reputation on fighting for freedoms 
like the one that allows me to do my job, a job that in some cases may 
appear to discredit them. But both the leaders and the grunts in the 
field like you understand that if you lower your standards, if you 
accept less, than less is what you'll become.

There are people in our own country that would weaken your institution 
and our nation –by telling you it's okay to betray our guiding 
principles by not making the tough decisions, by letting difficult 
circumstances turns us into victims or worse…villains.

I interviewed your Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Willy Buhl, 
before the battle for Falluja began. He said something very powerful at 
the time-something that now seems prophetic. It was this:

"We're the good guys. We are Americans. We are fighting a gentleman's 
war here -- because we don't behead people, we don't come down to the 
same level of the people we're combating. That's a very difficult thing 
for a young 18-year-old Marine who's been trained to locate, close with 
and destroy the enemy with fire and close combat. That's a very 
difficult thing for a 42-year-old lieutenant colonel with 23 years 
experience in the service who was trained to do the same thing once upon 
a time, and who now has a thousand-plus men to lead, guide, coach, 
mentor -- and ensure we remain the good guys and keep the moral high 

I listened carefully when he said those words. I believed them.

So here, ultimately, is how it all plays out: when the Iraqi man in the 
mosque posed a threat, he was your enemy; when he was subdued he was 
your responsibility; when he was killed in front of my eyes and my 
camera -- the story of his death became my responsibility.

The burdens of war, as you so well know, are unforgiving for all of us.

full: <http://www.kevinsites.net/2004_11_21_archive.html#110107420331292115>

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