[Marxism] Fight night in the NBA

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Tue Nov 23 10:55:43 MST 2004

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gmwalker at sas.upenn.edu writes:
And here we have the real core of Octob1917's "Marxism" - a set of 
tough-guy "hard man" poses, a jargon of resoluteness, a way to blow off 
some steam.


Thanks for your contribution.

When someone chooses to come at me as aggressively as my attacker did, I 
reserve the right to defend myself in the same manner. 

You can disagree, you can even disagree strenuously, but that's different 
from throwing an avalanche of invective my way.

I'm not going to take that. Sorry if that upsets your notion of what a 
Marxist is or how a Marxist should conduct themselves.

I am very passionate about my political beliefs, as I know most on the Left 
are, and I haven't had the fortune of attending a finishing school or any kind 
of school for that matter. Maybe it would have helped in this instance. 

You called me an idiot. Well, there are people on this discussion list who 
know me personally and could, I am sure, vouch for the fact that I am far from 

I reacted rather than responded and I stand by everything I said to the prick 
who chose to come at me fists flying (metaphorically speaking).


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