[Marxism] Moderator's note

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Nov 23 11:27:46 MST 2004

Despite himself, I'm sure, Joe (October1917) generates more flame wars
than all other subscribers put together. My job is to maintain a civil
environment here. We now have 648 subscribers and are moving rapidly to
700. We simply can't allow time to be wasted with personal insults. My
*strong* suggestion to Joe (October1917) is to check his posts before he
sends them to Marxmail. He should ask himself the question whether they
will have the effect of raising people's dander. Generally, I feel that
the list is best used for writing an analysis of what's going on the
world, without attacking either implicitly or explicitly the point of
view of other subscribers. There are so many things going on the world
that require elucidation. For example, the elections in Ukraine is at
the top of the list. Another important topic is the looming debt crisis
in the USA. Another is China's growing economic influence. To these
subjects justice, you have to do some research and some hard thinking.

But we simply have to avoid at all costs trying to draw some class line
on Marxmail or to flaunt one's revolutionary credentials. I have been
through this kind of exercise in futility on the mailing lists that
preceded this one and am on guard to make sure it doesn't happen here.

Let's try to deescalate the immediate situation in any case.

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