[Marxism] SWP:"U.S. troops consolidate victory in Fallujah"

ameritech acoount stansmith44 at ameritech.net
Wed Nov 24 22:19:52 MST 2004

"U.S. troops consolidate victory in Fallujah" 
  This is the shocking title of latest lead SWP article on the war. In this long article there is only one sentence mentioning the US slaughter of 800 civilians. But it does go on at great length about the great prowess of the US Marines. 
    It is not accurate to as some say here, as I used to, that the SWP abstains from the movement. Presently, it is opposed to the movement. If you think I exaggerate, go read the article. I can't imagine any of us would say that if a Marxist paper in 1941 wrote articles about the Nazi soldiers' skill in consolidating their victories in France and the Soviet Union, with a blurb at the end calling the Nazi troops out, that we would consider them as "abstaining" from the anti-Nazi movement. 
     And these troops that have "consolidated victory" represent the US, which the SWP says "lost" the Cold War. I suppose if this SWP was around in 1933, they would have said Hitler had just lost the struggle for power in Germany. 
     The way the SWP is degenerating, how much longer will it take Jack Barnes to turn into Gerry Healy?

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