[Marxism] Frank Furedi on the Left: the Left is Right

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Wed Nov 24 23:23:52 MST 2004

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Is it true that there can be no social progress under capitalism?   That 
strikes me as rather idealistic, non-Marxist thinking...

Yes, I think it is true that there is no social progress under capitalism. 
What can and does progress are the conditions under which socialism becomes 
possible - i.e., the development of a homogenous and educated proletariat.

By way of a disclaimer, Marx, when he formulated his theory of the formation 
of an industrial proletariat, did not foresee the ability of capitalism to 
nullify the possibility of revolution and major upheaval through the 
implementation of the welfare state.

This, in the context of the necessity of socialism through revolution, can't 
really be considered progress, can it?


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