[Marxism] SWP:"U.S. troops consolidate victory in Fallujah"

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Thu Nov 25 12:40:43 MST 2004

Louis Proyect wrote of the SWP, "Probably the best way to approach this
problem is in terms of brand name. Although this group has the same name
as the group that many of us, including me, once belonged to, it is not
really the same. Think of those crappy Packard-Bell computers from the
1980s. The company bought the rights to the Packard-Bell name, which was
attached to a highly reliable and powerful radio during the 1950s and
then they slapped it on a piece of junk. That's the proper analogy."

I think this works for understanding other organizations in the workers'
movement like the Socialist Party or the Communist Party or the
Socialist Labor Party.   

However, I think it's especially true of the bourgeois electoral
coalitions of Democrats and Republicans.  These remake themselves every
few years, depending on whose willing to pay the bills.  Certainly, I
was as willing as anyone to saddle these parties with the negative
aspects of their histories, but this was largely because they like to
claim what's generally seen as the positive achievements of those
histories.  The fact is that they actually share nothing with their
prior incarnations than their names.

Mark L.

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