[Marxism] Debating Neo - Cons - Stan Goff

Turbulo at aol.com Turbulo at aol.com
Fri Nov 26 20:21:03 MST 2004

The neo-con Stan Goff debated is named Patrick Clawson.I'd seen his name in the news now and again, and always wondered in passing if this could be the Patrick Clawson I met as a grad student in political economy at the New School in the late seventies. I was never interested enough to research this question. But the Patrick Clawson I encountered was a self-professed Marxist and adherent of the Progressive Labor Party. I remember laughing with a few of my friends at a presentation he gave on racism on behalf of PL. It was crude to the point of imbecility. Now I know from Stan Goff's article, which mentions that he's a New School grad. It's the same guy. The last I heard of him was from Anwar Shaikh, a professor at the New School, who mentioned in a talk in the early 80s that Clawson had been fired from some job at a big bank for saying at a party that the US financial system was on shaky ground. A rude awakening for him, no doubt. 

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